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Free hosting place EVS

Type: Hosting EVS

Stages: 10 – 12 months, starting from June 2011

Place: Iasi, Romania

Short description: EVS volunteers will be part of our teams and will be an extra hand in initiation and organization of cultural events and will create new tools and methods of promoting cultural events for young people. Also the role of the EVS volunteers will be to create more cultural bridges between their countries, organisations or local communities and our organisation. They will also contribute to other international youth projects.

Hosting: the volunteers will have their own room in a flat with other volunteers, with access to kitchen and bathroom, internet link, telephone card, local transport card, a monthly allowance for food and pocket money. Travel costs from their place to Iasi, visa and other related costs will be fully reimbursed upon approval.

Activity: 5 days/ week, office work and field work, holydays and leisure activities with our teams. All volunteers will be encouraged to express themselves and they will be allowed to use our logistics infrastructure for their own projects.

Application: please send us your resume and cover letter, with the filled signed Part III. All questions regarding this proposal will be appreciated.

· ionel_florea@yahoo.com

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