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Global Junior Challenge Award 2011


The Global Junior Challenge Award 2011 has been launched!
The competition rewards the most innovative projects using modern ICT technologies in the field of youth education, training, solidarity and international cooperation of young people.

Schools and universities, both public and private, worldwide, public and private institutions and organisations, associations, cooperatives and other non profit organisations, public and private companies, research centre and individual citizens of any age are invited to submit projects which should be still in operation as of 31 December 2010 and addressed to young people up to 29 years of age and which use new ICT technology for education and training.

Special Section:
Projects using ICT to train youth to obtain initial job placement Projects promoting ICT for immigrants and refugees integration Projects promoting ICT for environmental sustainability

Deadline for submission of project: 30th June 2011.

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The Eurodesk database (EU0010000427) will be updated accordingly.

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