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Action 1.1. Estonian group is looking for 4 partners

Dear colleagues!

Youth group which consists of 3 students, who study youth work at university, is looking for 4 partner groups for international youth exchange topics of which are social integration of national minorities and youth information. The overall aim is to foster understanding between youngsters with different backgrounds and specific aims of the project are: to involve cultural minorities to society, to study cultures the reptesentatives of which participate in the project and to encourage youngsters to share their good experiences and information with others for creating common info- and cultural space.
The youth exchange will take place in Estonia at the end of June-beginning of July 2011.

Partner group we are looking for should be:
Group size: 6 youngsters (3 boys + 3 girls) + 1 leader
Age: 15-17 years old; leader is at least 18 years old
In order to reach aims of our project we will bring together both cultural minorities and majorities. It means that one half of group is cultural majority and another half of younsters are representatives of cultural minorities. We prefer partners which involve to the project minorities, which are in majority in their country (for example Russians in Estonia).

We are going to apply for the 1st of February to YiA Estonian Agency. Looking for your suggestions, questions and motivations to the e-mail natalia.mahnova@gmail.com

Natalia Mahnova

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