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A lot of projects in Turkey

Dear Partners,

We are a social youth group from Turkey and organising youth exchanges (Action 1.1 and Action 4.3). We are applying for some new projects in this term. IF you are interested, please let us know as soon as you can. Infopacks include all the information you need at first.

Servet Cinar
(In the name of Baris Baytok



Antonio Amato
IT056 PLD Eurodesk Italy – InformaGiovani
Via Costantinopoli,49 – 73020 Castrignano dei Greci (Lecce) Italy Phone + 39 0836 -583216 fax +39 0836 583007
E-mail amatox@libero.it
Adam And Eva.doc
Different Languages Common Emotion.doc
Does it worth to die – AIDS.doc
Fire And Ice.doc
Future Partners.doc
Give right to the life.doc
Healthy Sports Life.doc
How Will Be The Weather.doc
Hunger and Misery.doc

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