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EVS project in Spain for Red Cross’ volunteers

Dear partners

I send you attach file with information about EVS project in Spain ( project group for 10 to 12 volunteers). The title is “ SAINT JAMES WAY : CULTURAL & SOCIAL VOLUNTEERING IN EUROPE.

The main activity will be supporting to all pilgrims( from Spain and many countries of Europe and the world that they’re doing the Saint James’ Way, mainly walking).

The activities will be from 13th May to 13th October.

This project will be presented next deadline 1st. February in Madrid.

There is one host organisation „Red Cross of Palencia“ needs 5 volunteers international of Red Cross as European volunteers in this EVS project.

Your organisation is participating already in this programme and you know the most important information about EVS.

If you have some volunteer of Red Cross interested ( or also young volunteer for another host organisations are in this project group) please send to this emails your CV and letter motivation before 21th January.

jmgomez@cruzroja.es ( local Red Cross)

casajuventud@fromista.com; marblalu@jcyl.es ( Coordinating organisation)

I waiting for your news as soon as possible

Best regards

European Volontary Service in Spain for Red Cross volunteers.pps

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