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Partners for European High School Exchange

We have a request from a high school:

Carlos III High School is placed in San Blas, Madrid. Most of our students come from working class families with medium-low wages. However, there are also families with a medium-high social background and economic situation. There is also immigration, mainly from South American countries.

We are looking for a European high school with students of Spanish as a second language, with which to establish a students’ exchange under the following conditions: students will stay in their partners’ home where meals will be provided, as our school schedule is from 8:30 to 2:20 pm and our students have a late “lunch” at home. The exchange students will have classes here and take part in other cultural activities, always in the company of his or her partner. We would expect the same for our students.

The most suitable date for us to go abroad is the first week before Easter holidays and a week in May to receive the foreign students. The aim of this exchange for our students is to get to know a different country and its culture as well as practicing English.

Than you very much for your attention and cooperation.

Ana Gómez / Patricia Eguía
Centro Europa Joven San Blas
C/ Amposta esquina con C/Arcos de Jalón, 28037 – Madrid
Tel: (+34) 91 313 46 79
Fax: ( +34) 91 313 36 32

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