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Long Term Partnership Request

Dear Hosting Organization Representative,

We are a professional project consultancy and research company located in Izmir, Turkey (the very western part of Turkey). We have long-term clients most of whom are reputable municipalities. Each year, we have minimum 10 EU projects approved and we implement them. We basically implement projects of Civil Society Dialogue Program (IPA) and Life Long Learning Leonardo Da Vinci Program (LLP-LDV). Youth In Action provides very small budget so it is not in our focus area. Despite this, we have three funded YIA projects this year. We submit projects on behalf of our client municipalities.

Two of our client municipalities requested us to implement a SHORT-TERM EVS project this year (one project for each municipality). Both Municipalities have been accredited in EVS in 2010 as sending and coordinating organization. Our team prepared the project, we gave “CV and Motivation Letter Preparation Training” to almost 45 youngsters and we helped them prepare these documents. We were planning to send them to Macedonia and we already received PART3 from Macedonia. However, at the last moment just before submitting the project we recognized that we should have minimum one EU country as partner.

Our company, Proliz Project Consulting and Research Ltd, is 4.5 years old and is well known as a reliable company in Turkey. We select clients and we do not write or implement every project. We need you as a natural partner not only in YIA projects but also in the programs mentioned above. In other programs, we generally allocate minimum 1000 Euros per month to the European partner and we implement such EU projects of high quality (especially in culture and democracy fields). These days, calls for civil society dialogue will publish again and we wish to match you with our clients. Our clients are not only municipalities, we also represent associations in Turkey, a youth association in Norway and a municipality in Albania. Therefore, we are a totally international company.

Please let us know if you are ready for long-term cooperation and if you can help us with our EVS project. Please do not answer this e-mail if you do not prefer Turkey as project partners. We need partners who will trust in our expertise and will work with us cooperatively and professionally. If you say that you can be partners in our SHORT TERM EVS project (we want to implement it in August 2011), send us an e-mail and we can send you activity plan (in English) and PART 3 for the project.

Best Regards,


Proliz Consulting Ltd

International Youth Projects Department

Youth Projects Coordinator




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