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EVS Replacements in Istanbul and Samsun (TOG)

From: Evren Erge(Toplum Gleri)
Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2011 3:41 PM
To: Volkan Pirini (Toplum Gleri); Sevcan Koc (Toplum Gleri)
Cc: Emrah Gsel (Toplum Gleri)
Subject: EVS Replacements in Istanbul and Samsun (TOG)

Eurodesk’de paylamayihmal etmeyin sak..


(esi oldunuz uluslararasgruplarda bu bilgiyi payla, paylat lfen..)

Dear Friends,

I really appreciate if you spread this call of EVS replacements throughout your network(s)…

Thanks in advance..

Dear Multipliers, Partners and Young People,

Toplum Gonulluleri Vakfi – TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation) evs until March 15th, 2011. Any additional photos, videos or any material which tells about you will be welcomed J

In the attachments (Communication Activity – Pink House Youth Center Activity – Pinhole Youth Center Activity ) you can find the project description for each activity.

In your applications please;

Mention which activity you are applying for; (Of course you can apply for both)

Send us a motivation letter related to the activity you are applying for;

Give information about your sending organization (Contact person; HEI Ref Number etc…)

For any questions you can contact us through the same e mail address evs

Yours Sincerely;

Evren Erge/span>

Head of International Relations Department

Youth Worker


TOplum Gleri Vakf- Community Volunteers Foundation


Hobyar Mah. Rahvancar Sok. No: 5

1. Vak Han Kat: 1



Skype : evrenergec

Tel.: 0090 212 522 10 32

Mob.: 0090 554 338 82 36

Fax: 0090 212 522 10 34




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