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We are a group of 15 (women and men) university students of Seville, between 18 to 25 years old, whose interests are diferent cultures, art, social interactions and languages development.

We are looking for partners for a project in action with “Sevilla challenge in Europe” for the next summer (2011), also we want tobepartof yourprojects.

If you are interested in working with us just send a mail we’ll try to answer your questions!

Have a good day.

Cristina Fernández Alarcón.

Sevilla (Spain)


Plamen Petrov

Oblasten Savet na BChK Shumen

Tzar Osvobotitel 143

Shumen 9 700

Cell +359 899 550 388

+ 359 889 425 555

Mail: shumen



web: www.shumenredcross.blogspot.com



eurodesk BG 024

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