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Seeking EVS volunters in Hungary (activity period 01.09.2011-31.08.2012.)

Dear EVS organizations,

My name is Áron Kádas, I work at Compass Organization as the EVS coordinator in Kaposvár, Hungary.

In my previous letter the duration was wrong, I corrected it now! I am sorry for that!

About our organization you can find the details in the
evs database:
http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=36000268201 Website:http://www.compass-youth.org/

Also I attached a description to Dear EVS sending organization!

We are an EVS sending, hosting, coordinating organization, in 2010 we participated in 25 international projects (youth exchanges, training courses, conferences, preparation visits) and hosted nearly 80 EVS volunteers, including short term and long term projects.
We are an accreditated training institute, and we are applying four different EU project in the next month.

The reason why I am writing to you now, is that we would like to apply to Host EVS volunteers by the 1th of April application deadline and we are looking for the sending organizations and the volunteers now!

The duration of the project: 01.09.2011-31.08.2012.

The most important tasks in our project is to work with youth and children, teach them languages, such as English and the mother language of the volunteer, work in the youth information office and giving information about Youth In Action. Also the volunteer has to take part in free time activities like summer camps, local and international.

The project description in the evs database:
[ http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=36000268201 ]http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=36000268201

Also you can find the tasks of the volunteer in the attachment.

Because the volunteer will have to speak English with the local youth it is necessary to be able to speak English at least middle level. It’s also important to be motivated, active, because our volunteer has to
be a role model to the local youth, she/he has to teach them, motivate them, work with them.
If you have any motivated applicant please send her/his CV with picture and motivation letter, but the most important is to send the SIGNED BY BLUE
PEN AND STAMPED PART III. DOCUMENT TO US what you can fin din the attachment!!

Looking forward to your answer!

With best regards,

Áron Kádas
EVS coordinator
+3630 426 06 77

Áron Kádas

Mob.: +36 30 426 06 77

Compass Organization for the European Youth Community
7400 Kaposvar
Nyár u. 23.
Compass EVS project description.doc
III. rész Előzetes megállapodás_EN.doc

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