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Call for International Youth Summit in Istanbul

International Youth Council (Summit)-2011, will happen between 24-27 March 2011 at Pendik Green Park Hotel. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Youth Assembly will host this organization. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President of Turkish Grand National Assembly Mehmet Ali Şahin will be guest for this organization. There will be a lot of resident and foreign guest at this organization which will be 3 days and organized by Youth Assembly which founded at 2005 and within IMM.

We aim to see potantial of young people. Also we want to make responsible young people for goverment management. We will discuss the ministries by talking about the management philosophy of Republic which founded 87 years ago. There will be a lot of young people who are from Turkey and other countries. They can discuss ideas easily.

This council aims at young people interested in goverment problems more than before.The other aim of this council is that young people will build up a bright Turkey of future with thinking producing and making positive additions for country devolopment.

IYC 2011 covers all young people who want to fully know and understand the state bureaucracy, bring in a young perspective for vision Turkey 2023 by producing new solutions, adding alternative ideas to management through examining the existing executive system and then shed light on the state problems, who want to create new ideas after exchanging opinions with different people in Council, gaining new, and combining them with their own knowledge.

In the organization that will include foreign participants; ‘erasmus’ students who come to Turkey for education in a certain period of time and have the opportunity to know and analyze the country ther, young commitees that will participate via foreign minitstries and young people from all countries constitutes the participant profile. Foreign participants will share their ideas about the ministries that Turkey does not, but should have; and they will have the chance to share and argue the administrative experiences in their own countries.

With the theme „young ministers“ all our ministries and some ministries that are present abroad and we think should be constituted in Turkey too, have been taken into the extent of the council. And the main quesition, how can we share this project on your website, it is possible? İf you can help us to connect most of young people, we will be very honour. For more information please visit: [ http://ugs11.com/en/
]http://ugs11.com/en/ ~

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