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Available EVS placements Sweden


IMPORTANT; If you want to apply to the different projects, send your application to sara.lesch@molndal.se latest March 18th. Write the name of the project that you are interested in. We very much welcome young people with “fewer opportunities”, all religions and sexual orientation. Volunteers must be minimum 22 years old because of the youth centers target groups. We will apply for April 1st deadline.

Send CV + Motivation letter. Write down any special skill, especially artistic and creative skills are useful for working in the youth centre. We want the volunteers to love social interaction with teenagers.

Dates: September 2011 – July2012
Duration: 10,5 months
Living arrangements: Rented house or rented rooms in vicinity of the work place.

1 Placement: Broslätt/ Balltorp youth center, MÖLNDAL (EI 2009-SE-28)

Balltorp Youth centre is a part of a unit of three youth centers: Balltorp, Broslätt and Grevedämmet. Since some of the teenagers from Balltorp and Broslätt attend the same school and have common interests there has always been cooperation between those two youth centers. The volunteer will work in both places during his/her service.

Broslätt Youth Centre has a “Studio”, the volunteer has to be interested in music. He/she should have knowledge about working in a “Studio” or playing some kind of instrument to be able to hold a music workshop, preferable a studio workshop.
Apart from that the volunteer will have to work during open activity hours and be active in planning for instance billiard tournaments, movie nights or similar. He/she is also asked to hold an own national theme evening.

Balltorp Youth Centre is in the area of Balltorp, which is relatively close to Mölndal’s city centre. Balltorp is an area of both people of different ages, cultural backgrounds as well as a strong interest for different kinds of sports, especially football. Unfortunately there is a lack of activities for girls. This will be the main task for the volunteer to address. He/she should try to attract more girls to the youth centre, for instance with the help of different kind of sport activities, also from a health point of view.

Consequently the main quality of the volunteer working at Balltorp and Broslätt youth centres is the social ability to motivate young people to engage themselves in different group activities and arrangements. The volunteer has to be outgoing and posses the willingness to hold workshops or similar.

1 Placement: Grevedämmet youth center, Mölndal (EI 2009-SE-29)

Grevedämmet Youth centre is a part of a unit of three youth centers: Balltorp, Broslätt and Grevedämmet. The last two terms the youth center had male volunteers. This time it prefers to host a woman. Grevedämmets youth center has music rehearsal rooms and the volunteer must implement a music project with a group of music fans, young people, such as a concert, or music workshop with young people.
The volunteer should attract young people from youth centers and schools who want to or can play, sing and learn more about music, and to lead activities with those bands that are already rehearsing there. That means the volunteers tasks will be supporting the young people, helping to organize events, write songs, etc. The project can be in a collaboration between various youth centers in Mölndal, if needed.
The volunteer will also work on the youth centers open evenings and then also plans and carry out activities on the youth center which are related with music. He / she will also have to plan and implement with the help of his/her mentor to arrange a couple of theme nights under their stay. Theme nights can range from billiards tournaments to movie nights or anything else.
The volunteer has to have a great experience of playing in a band, has to have knowledge about reharsal rooms and different instruments. He/She must play at least one main instrument for instance guitar, drums. We prefer that volunteers can play more instruments such as bass, too. Towards the end of the project are hoping that a concert or a similar arrangement is provided, depending on the volunteer’s own knowledge and experiences.

2 Placements: Lindhaga youthcenter, Mölndal, Sweden (EI 2009-SE-5)

Lindhaga is a fun creative youthcenter situated in a school building. Lindhaga was chosen to be the best youth centre within the KEKS network with 90 different youth centres throughout Sweden in the last year. Open both daytime and in the evening. During daytime it has around 100 visitors and night time 30-50 visitors. Target group 13-18 years old. The volunteer should form a creative and artistic group and have regular meetings with the group, which would be able to represent Lindhaga youth center in different cultural events. Besides the individual projects the volunteers should also take part in EVS-information ventures that will occur during the period. For this reason the youthcenter is willing to host 2 volunteers for the following projects:

1. Theater theme:
The role of the volunteer:
To form a drama/theatre group with the support of his/her mentor. The group will be able to perform in special events both in the youth center and in the school. Perform in the UKM – a festival for youngsters cultural and artistic expression. The volunteer also should be able to work with already existing groups in the youth centre (café group, gender group) and hold different drama/theater workshops for them. And also he/she should be able to do for example role plays on the open evenings with the visitors of the youth center.

2. Dance theme:
The role of the volunteer:
According to his/her abilities able to form a dance group with the support of his/her mentor. Teach the group different dances and choreography. To be able to make a performance with the group on the UKM – a festival for youngsters cultural and artistic expression and on special events. Preferably we are thinking a hip-hop, break, latin, modern dance.

2 Placements: Eurodesk office/Youth centre with International profile, Grevedämmet, Mölndal (EI 2010-SE-20)

Tasks of the volunteers:
To help start up the Eurodesk office/Youth centre and to implement information as well as other activities in relation to international youth work. To support the visitors of the Eurodesk office/Youth centre with information about the Youth in Action programs projects especially EVS. o work with international projects: help in the process of the application, report writing of finished projects and with economy. Keep contact with partner organisations.
To be able to help organizing special events and workshops for unemployed young people about the possibilities and advantages of EVS. A large possibilty for the volunteers to take own responsibilty and to run own projects. To be able to work in the Eurodesk office/Youth centre both daytime and some nights a week.

1 Placement: Ytterby & Kärna Youth center, Kungälv (EI 2010-SE-16)

Ytterby & Kärna youth centre is a part of the Kungälv municipalities youth centre department. In Kungälv there is a total of 5 youth centres. The target group is mainly young people between 13 and 16 years old. Our regular activities for the youths consists of: playing pool, surf the net – play table tennis, play floor ball, watching films, making films, music, making music, playing music, painting & sign, makeup, fix hair, making, play video games, dancing, sing karaoke, socialize, organize rock concerts etc. The youth center has a cultural event with the concept of open stage. An activity where we support various cultural expressions that can be done on stage.

The role of the volunteer will be to develop the concept of open stage with the support from the mentor and in cooperation with the young people.The volunteers’ role and mission will be according to his/her former experience and interest to plan the various arrangements/concerts etc along with young people. Participate in activities and meetings and educational opportunities through the KEKS – network. Day work may include cooperation with secondary schools in the area with both open activities as group activities. There are great possibilities to work on areas that are in the interest of the volunteer. The volunteer will also have the possibility to documenting the youth centres activities through film. In the last weeks of the EVS-period there will be the possiblity to work in a summer camp and gain experience from out door activities.

1 Placement: Kooperativet Fjället Youth Center, Göteborg (EI 2009-SE-43)

„Ungdomskooperativet Fjället“ youth center is a part of a cooperative and the members are groupings of our primary target group which is young people between 13 to 20 years. The members hold regular meetings to decide upon activities, opening hours etc. The youth center is also open for children from primary school in the daytime. Our main objective is to create an arena where young people can take control in a safe manner. Our main idea is youth influence in all our activities and the whole organization.
Ungdomskooperativet Fjället is a member of the network KEKS, which is a growing network for Quality and Competence within the youth field mainly in the West of Sweden.

The volunteer will be involved in everyday open activities as well as group activities at the youth centre. The volunteer will also be involved in running various projects of his/her own interest and ability together with the mentor. The volunteer will be able to run his/her own project with the support of the mentor within the youth center according to his/her own interest and abilities. The volunteer will have the possibility to cooperate with other volunteers and create and develop new ideas and projects. Besides the individual projects the volunteers should also take part in EVS-information ventures that will occur during the period.

Best regards
Sara Lesch

International Coordinator
KEKS / City of Molndal

+46 (0)704-677814

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