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initiatives for young people with fewer opportunities in your countries

Dear colleagues,

we were asked to support our national ministry with some reserarch…I hope you can help!

Are the following topics currently being treated and/or discussed by the national government or youth NGOs in the field of youth policy in your country:

– Assistance to young people with a vocational problem

– Social inclusion / social cohesion

– School social work /education welfare work

– monitoring of the career entry of young people:
transition from school into vocational training

The target group for all of these topics are young people with fewer opportunities

Are these topics currently being treated and discussed in your country?

Are there any special programmes running at the moment that are organized by the state on national level or by (youth) NGOs regarding these topics?

Which NGOs are involved and working on these topics?

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Kind regards

Geraldine Böttcher
Robert Helm-Pleuger
Regina Schmieg
Annette Westermann

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