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Youth exchnage in Sicily

Dear partners and colleagues,
please have a look to the following call.

They are looking for partners from EU member countries for a cultural exchange action 1.1

Fratelli.. D’Europa!

Call for partners
Action 1.1

1) Summary
The project “Fratelli..D’Europa” is a Youth Exchange which will last seven days and will be carried out in Mussomeli , Italy, at the end of August 2011. It will involve 32 participants, coming from 4 associations:
Through the project we want to celebrate the 150th anniversary of~of Italy’s Unity, but in a different way, not merely to watch and remember~past, but rather, through a comparison with other countries, like~search for in the past those common values ??on which must be built~a more cohesive Europe.
Here, then, the idea of ??celebrating the unification of Italy ….~in Europe.~Compare~our history with that of other nations, the common problems that every~country faced , the problems that still
During the project we’ll retrace through theater and music the history~of Italy’s Unity and the history of other partner countries. Participants~will, in fact, engaged in showing the history of their country~through several short musicals.~
In particular, participants will be involved in the study of the history of~the various countries involved,in the preparation and staging of the musical, in~preparation of scripts and costumes and, finally, will be performing at~Mussomeli during the meeting scheduled for the end of August.~
Besides, participants will faced up with the history of the European Union:project wants to make to reflect young people on the conquests until reached by the EU, and to open an intercultural comparison on the future of the European Union and on the challenges that are attending her. A musical syntetyzing the main steps of European Union will be realized and performed at the end of the exchange.
Through the activities planned, we will try to awake young people’s interest~in the history of their people and, at the same time , pushing them to know also~the history of other nations, so as to recognize themselves in the other and break down the~barriers of prejudice and ignorance.~Young people will move closer to~topics such as democracy, love of country, respect for each other,~
values ??that are given often assumed, but in reality are way far~from it.~ Trough non-formal education methods, we would like to stimulate youth active participation and the sense of European citizenship, putting as a basis constructive comparison, valorisation of experience, exchange of ideas, opinions and views.
2) Main topics
Art- Culture
European Awareness

3) Dates of the seminar
29th August – 4th September 2011.

4) Project destination
The seminar will take place in Mussomeli

5) Participants
We want to invite 32 people (7 people plus leader from 4 different countries)

Accommodation and food are fully covered by the project.
Travel cost are reimbursed up to 70% .

To became partner please send part III by fax and then the original by post

Address: Arci Strauss – Piazzale Mongibello sn
93014, Mussomeli – Italy

Tel: +39 0934 993971
Fax: +39 0934 084138

Mail: [ mailto:arcistrauss@arcistrauss.it ]arcistrauss@arcistrauss.it

Contact person: Sergio Carrubba (+39 32096666409 [
mailto:carrubba.sergio@gmail.com ]carrubba.sergio@gmail.com )

IT109 – Mussomeli (CL)
Mario Messina
Piazzale Mongibello snc,
93014 Mussomeli (CL)
tel e fax: 0039 0934993971
Part 3.doc

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