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Looking for another partner for our “I Have A Good Heart,”

Dear Friends,
We are looking for another partner for our “I Have A Good Heart,” immediately! We would need part 3 from your organization, signed and stamped, within the next five days, to send to our national agency. If your volunteers are interested in working with us on this project, but feel that 10 months in Bulgaria is too long of a commitment, their service can be shortened based on their preference and details of the project. Again, this is an urgent need for this project, so we are again asking for interested, and motivated volunteers to help us with this project. Below is a description of this project, and we would very much appreciate it if you would send this information to all interested volunteers in your organization. Thank you very much for your time and help. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
The project, “I have a good heart,” will be implemented by the local community of Shumen, Bulgaria. The Host Organization, under the rules of the European Voluntary Service, is the local branch of the Association of Bulgarian Red Cross. The period of implementation of the project is June 7, 2011 through September 7, 2012. The main purpose of the project „I have a good heart,“ is the promotion and development of volunteering among young people in the Shumen region as a philosophy for personal development, informal education and the formation of citizenship in support of the local community through information. With this project we wish to support the development of this role in three young volunteers from various European countries.
The main activities will be completed within the ten months of service of the EVS volunteers. We hope to conduct a massive information campaign among the general population of Shumen with an emphasis on youth, specifically adolescents and young adults from 13-27. These projects will provide first hand experience to the EVS volunteers, as well as the youth involved in the project, of the real benefits of volunteering. Our goal is to encourage future involvement with community service and volunteerism activities among the young participants. One of the projects that will be completed with the help of EVS volunteers is the completion of a photography contest titled, „Volunteering is part of my life,“ where all participants will construct an amateur film dedicated to volunteering to promote community service, and to provide information in the form of civic education and participation of young people. An emphasis for this film will be placed on the volunteer events in all 10 municipalities of Shumen District to promote volunteering among young people.
Another project we hope to implement is a cultural exchange. The EVS volunteers will use information from the sending organizations and share their volunteering experiences and Bulgarian Red Cross volunteers will share their experiences with youth in the area. This cultural volunteerism exchange will promote the idea of volunteerism and community service to the young people in the region. The goal is to transfer information between volunteers to spark new ideas and possible project opportunities in the area of civil service. All volunteers will also be encouraged to visit orphanages in Shumen, schools in the area, and to observe the environment around them in order to best understand the opportunities in the area.

Пламен Петров
Областен Съвет на БЧК
ул. „Цар Освободител“ № 143
град Шумен 9 700
+359 889 42 55 55
+359 899 55 03 88
[ mailto:shumen@redcross.bg ]shumen@redcross.bg
[ mailto:plamen00@gmail.com ]plamen00@gmail.com
[ http://www.shumenredcross.blogspot.com/
[ https://plamen00.wordpress.com/ ]EURODESK BG 024

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