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Young Citizens Danube Network, June 2011 Budapest Conference

The Young Citizens Danube network (YCDN) is organising on June 17th-19th 2011 in Budapest, Hungary a conference with the theme: „The young generation of the Danube Area as a key to the European Integration“.

The three day academic type of conference will include four workshops whose topics are along the four pillars of the EU strategy for the Danube Region, namely:

http://www.youngdanubians.eu/ycdn-conference-2011-in-budapest/workshops-2011/workshop-a-trafficing/ ]Workshop A: Connecting the Danube Region (Stereotypes, Ethnic Diversity etc.)

http://www.youngdanubians.eu/ycdn-conference-2011-in-budapest/workshops-2011/workshop-b-protecting-the-environment/ ]Workshop B: Protecting the Environment in the Danube Region (Biodiversity, Sustainable Development etc.)

http://www.youngdanubians.eu/ycdn-conference-2011-in-budapest/workshops-2011/workshop-d-the-financial-crisis/ ]Workshop C: Building Prosperity in the Danube Region (The Financial Crisis)

http://www.youngdanubians.eu/ycdn-conference-2011-in-budapest/workshops-2011/workshop-d-organized-crime/ ]Workshop D: Strenghtening the Danube Region (Trafficking)

The call for papers is open until April 18th 2011 and candidates are invited to send a paper (about 5 pages – 1500 words) and their CV to the Workshop-Representatives.

Please note, there is a small conference fee of 30 euros.

For more information go to:

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