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looking for an English-speaking

Dear European partners,

We are looking for an English-speaking association or school with young people (aged between 14-17) that would like to speak French with young students from high school. We would like to create a partnership between both associations, first of all by having regular conversation exchanges. That could refer to cultural matters, European structures… and why not later, to organize a trip exchange between the two countries.

If some of you are interested, or have any contacts, please let me know as soon as possible!

Best regards

L’йquipe du BIJ

BIJ de Courbevoie

101 Ter Boulevard de Verdun

92400 Courbevoie


Mail: bij.multimedia

C уважение:

Пламен Петров

Областен Съвет на БЧК

ул. "Цар Освободител" № 143

град Шумен 9 700

+359 889 42 55 55

+359 899 55 03 88





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