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03RD DEC 13RD DEC 2011
Novosibirsk SIBERIA – RUSSIA
VUFE WE YOUTH FOR EUROPE association is currently looking around for 8 partners to step into the training course : Let’s Go Siberia!”
Below you find the information needed to understand the project. If you’re interested to join, we expect that you can select after approval of the project 3 youth workers to join the training course! They can come from your organization, or trough your organizations (so you find them elsewhere trough your contacts and network).
We need a signed part III form (which you find in attachment) If you interest seriously sent PartIIII before the 2nd may 2011we need a computer scan of the same Part III (send it to tony@vufe.org ) signed as well also you need to add 2 copies signed to normal post.
Short description
The training “Let’s Go Siberia!” in SIBERIA, will gather 24 youth workers from various parts of Europe, who work in their
daily work with unemployed youngsters. The reason for doing so is that there are still huge problems when it comes to the
social and economical integration of unemployed youth. Therefore, the youth workers at this training will share and
exchange approaches and to build new methods to include the unemployed in the work we do and give those young people
a valued place in society.
Since quite some years youth unemployment is an issue of concern in all European countries and it seems to be increasing
in the present times. Various programs and projects have been and are developed by govermental institutions and nongovernmental
organizations, which try to tackle the problems that unemployed young people are facing nowadays in our
societies. When we look carefully to all these projects, we notice that besides the successes of various programs for
unemployment youth, still a certain amount of young people are falling out of all the programs. Consequences are that
some of these young people drop out of school, hang around on streets, do not have many welfare possibilities, have no or
low income, etc. These are mostly the young people that cannot be motivated to take part in any employment program,
because they don’t care, want to be unemployed, want to profit from the unemployment benefits that their society offers,
or many other reasons.
Those youngsters cause direct or indirect problems, to themselves, society or to the both. They have lost their motivation,
hopes but also dreams to belong to society and life a more ‘comfortable” lifestyle, to seek for life satisfaction.
VUFE We Youth For Europe association has noted this problem in their own community and has proposed its international
partners to develop a training course for youth workers who work directly with these unemployed people themselves or
who have unemployed youngsters among their group / organisation.
This training would like to bring together 3 youth workers from each participating country, to work with them around
various issues that could help them in empowering unemployed youngsters which who they’re working. Selfempowerment
a self-assessment and how this could be transferred in working with the target group, will take a big part of
the content of the training course.
Dates and venue
· Dates: 3rd December – 13rd December 2011 (notice that VUFE has theright to change the date to January or
February 2012 if the plans doesn’t go as plan J)
· Place: Novosibirsk SIBERIA – RUSSIA
· Accommodation: Cool Hostal in the big city, exactly place will be tell later!
Aims & Objectives
The creation of new partnerships and/or YOUTH projects.

Kind regards,

Halil Yavuz

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