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AFS is urgently looking for a volunteer to our brand new EVS project – Café Utopia i Holstebro, Denmark (2011-DK-17) – a high profile café driven by mentally vulnerable people and people with mental diseases such as schizophrenia, manic-depression, borderline etc. The project will start in September and the duration is 10 months.

The project has just been approuved. However, we would like to apply for 1st of June deadline, so we are in a bit of a hurry.

We are very flexible concerning the profile of the volunteer. He/she may have a background/interest in psychiatry, social work, nursery, catering or culture; however, the most important requirement is that the volunteer has both empathy and the understanding of dealing with mentally vulnerable people.

If you have any volunteers interested in this project, please send me their lettter of motivation, CV and a photo no later than 16th of May. If you haven’t heard from us by 1st of May it means that you or your candidate hasn’t been selected

IMPORTANT: Due to the short period between the time of the approuval of the application and the project start, WE ONLY ACCEPT APPLICATIONS FROM EU COUNTRIES, since it takes up to three months to get a residence and work permit for Denmark. I apologise towards our non-EU partners for this!

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/Account/Message/MyInbox.aspx

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