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There is a new vacancy on YouthNetworks: Vogelsangschule

Description: The "Vogelsangschule" is a school located in the centre of Saalfelden, in the county of Salzburg in Austria in the middle of the Alps. School starts for the children at 8.30 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m. w…

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There is a new event on YouthNetworks: FLY facilitating learning for youth

Description: An excellent TRAINING OF TRAINERS course for youth workers from EU and SEE countries. In case of interest please download the attachments and contact DIRECTLY the organiser: office…

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowEvent.aspx?Event=fly–facilitating-learning-for-youth

Partner Call – ITC for young people with disabilities about YIA and Independent Living, Albania
Please reply to: halorganization

Dear Colleagues,
What is Independent Living? How it is connected with me?
What is “Youth in Action” programme?
Do I want, that somebody else is making projects for me or I want to take things in my own hands?

“Skills for Power” – a training course for young disabled people, which would like to find out what is Independent Living in theory and practice and what kind of possibilities the EU YOUTH IN ACTION programme can give them (will possibility for young people to develop programme for themselves with the Independent Living issues and be able to be active in frames of EU YOUTH IN ACTION programme).

The training course will take place in Albania from on 21-28 March 2012. Hosting and applicant: Albanian organisation Hope and Love

Independent Living is about choice, control and equal opportunities. Throughout history disabled people were neglected, oppressed and discriminated against. They were taught, they are poor, are not able to do anything and have no rights. Not to talk about that their lives are still at stake thinking about the discussion on Euthanasia. Most disabled people are not aware of their skills, think, they got no rights and so on. Also they are as a group and as individual disadvantaged in and by society. To change the situation just a bit and to make ways free for more independence, disabled people should be aware of their skills, proud about themselves. Therefore it needs a training course for the Independent Living Skills.
This training course will be possibility to learn something about Independent Living, find Independent Living skills in ourselves, learn to be self esteem, independent, and learn to be in charge of our lives, self management and so on. And also there will be chance to find out one of the ways to make projects by themselves, participate in EU YOUTH IN ACTION programme, which give opportunity for young people to travel, make international youth exchanges, local projects and possibility to make European voluntary Service.
The one of priorities of Youth in Action program is facilitating participation in the Programme by young people with fewer opportunities, including young people with disabilities. Under specific objectives goes contributing to the improvement of information for young people, while paying special attention to the access of young people with disabilities and promoting the fundamental values of the EU among young people, in particular respect for human dignity, equality, and respect for human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination.
Disabled people have the same rights to participate in projects they want as all other people. Just because of lack of accessibility a lot of young people are excluded and are not able to take part in activities they would like to.
In general this training course would be focused on Independent Living skills and EU YOUTH IN ACTION programme to have possibility to make contacts for Future Corporation and get to know more about EU YOUTH IN ACTION programme.

The all programme of training course will be organised as LEARNING BY EXPERIENCING.
For participants there will be chance to get theoretical knowledge’s about Independent Living, history, express their experience about life of disabled persons in their local community and via practical exercises and tasks get skills and knowledge’s about self management, self esteem, about living independent, how to become experts of ourselves and so on.
Other part of the training course will give possibility to get information about EU YOUTH IN ACTION programme, learn, how to write projects, make new contacts for Future Corporation, and learn other cultures via lot of interesting activities.
Comparing to other activities for young people with disabilities, the part of the trainer’s team are people with disabilities themselves, who are experts in Independent Living, accessibility, who are active not only promoting equal rights, but also have achieved a lot in accessibility field, legislation, personal assistance schemes in their local communities and on national level. And now they are very active in Youth In Action program and can be as a role model to the participants, that everything is possible under this program.

Organisational details
Partner organisations profile:
1. We would like to invite for the training course organizations from Program Countries (EU + EFTA + Turkey + Croatia) and from South East Europe, which are interested to be active in EU YOUTH IN ACTION program together with young people with disabilities.
2.From one country we expect to have 1 participant (people with disabilities), who would like to get information and new skills about Independent Living and Youth in Action programme.
3.The organisations that will participate in training course should introduce themselves by the content of training course and preparation process and should be completely involved in those processes.
4.The common language of the training course will be English (we would like to expect participants who are able to communicate and understand English more than a basic level). If participant has bad or does not have any English skills, the partner organisation is responsible for the translations during the training course. It won’t be covered by the organisers.
5.Training course is free of any participation fee; EU “YOUTH IN ACTION” program and Agency “Hope and Love” will cover accommodation and training materials. Participants or their organisations should cover 30% of travel costs.
6.If participants in the training course need assistance or have other disability-related needs, they must tell us in advance, that we can organise everything to meet their needs. During the training course will be possibility to have assistance if it is necessary! If person is coming with his/her own assistance, it should be told us before June 1st 2011, that we can apply for extra accommodation and travel costs.

DEADLINE – 20th of MAY, 2011

Ndrek Ismajli (project coordinator)
phone:00355 67 4013 594
e-mail: halorganization

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/Account/Message/MyInbox.aspx


Description: We are a group of young and ambitious girls. We live in little town called Kiviõli, which is situated in the north-east of beautiful country – Estonia. Although we live in Estonia, most of us attend R…

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowEvent.aspx?Event=culture-and-national-dances-of-estonia-russia-and-other-countries

There is a new vacancy on YouthNetworks: EFD in Bukarest Rumänien

Description: Zwei freie Plätze für einen 11-monatigen Freiwilligendienst in Bukarest. Bist du zwischen 18 und 30 Jahre alt und hast Lust, im Rahmen eines EFD einen deutsch-rumänischen Kindergarten in Bukarest von…

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowVacancy.aspx?Vacancy=efd-in-bukarest-rumanien

There is a new vacancy on YouthNetworks: Workcamp

Description: CG05 La Risposta Scisciano (NA) LA RISPOSTA – ON THE BEACH WITH KIDS! (CG05) PARTNER La Risposta www.onluslarisposta.it WORK Volunteers will be busy with the summer project “the OZ world”…

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowVacancy.aspx?Vacancy=workcamp-28174

There is a new vacancy on YouthNetworks: Workcamp

Description: CG04 FOGGIA 01/07/2011 – 10/07/2011 A GAME LASTING A TRAVEL PARTNER Centro Interculturale Baobab http://www.centrointerculturale.foggia.it/ Arcobaleno Cooperativa Sociale – Sulla Strada di Emmau…

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowVacancy.aspx?Vacancy=workcamp-28173

There is a new vacancy on YouthNetworks: Workcamp

Description: Workcamp CG03 AVERSA (CE) 03/06/2011 – 14/06/2011 CAMPANIA REGIONE INTERCULTURALE PARTNER Ministero dell’Interno (Ministry of Interior) http://www.interno.it Caritas Diocesana di Aversa …

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowVacancy.aspx?Vacancy=workcamp

There is a new event on YouthNetworks: "Feel Gender Oppression? Give It an Expression!"

Description: With thsi approved training we want participants from different countries to share their experiences and increase knowledge about gender aspects of youth work, how to promote gender equality within yo…

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowEvent.aspx?Event=feel-gender-oppression-give-it-an-expression-28171

You have received a new message from Halil Yavuz:

OPEN call for partners TC Agents for change‏
Dear friends/partners

We are applying new project towards Croatian NA for June deadline and if you want to be partners on it please find attached all necessary details about the project.

If you decide to become a partner we need you to send original part 3 to the address

Youth centre – Creators not consumers
Strossmayerova 68
31000 Osijek

and scanned version to youthcentre.cnc by MAY 22nd

Please forward this e-mail to your contacts.

We are looking to your response

Kind regards
Nemanja Spasenovski

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