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Ресурси на IPPF за правата

Rights Resource Pack

A CD-ROM guide to implementing a rights-based approach


Every young person has unique sexual and reproductive health needs and the right to accurate information and services, to participation and to a healthy, safe and empowering sex life.

In collaboration and with the support of GTZ, we developed a two week course on implementing the rights-based approach to adolescent sexual and reproductive health programmes.

The course was successfully piloted over three years in Cambridge, UK and this resource pack is the culmination of those courses.

The pack focuses on practical ways to provide quality information, to ensure young people participate in all decision-making processes and to ensure that services are youth-friendly, gender-sensitive and nondiscriminatory.

It tackles a variety of sexual and reproductive healthissues including abortion, sexual violence, HIV/AIDS and sexuality.

Who is this resource pack for?
This pack is for anyone – young or adult, professional or volunteer – who works with young people on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

How it works
The pack provides exercise sheets and power-point presentations for each topic covered. You will also find a matrix of questions, which identifies three overarching principles – gender, rights and participation – which should be at the core of any adolescent reproductive health and rights programme.

Finally, the pack provides general tips on training, facilitation and organization and is in French, Spanish and English.


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