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East4South Project

East 4 South (E4S) gives young media professionals and students from journalism, communication and filmmaking schools of EU-12 member states (Malta, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania) the opportunity to work alongside their African counterparts.

Young journalists will have direct access to local sources and the chance to create a sustainable network of informed European and African journalists concerned about development issues.

The programme is organized by three main partners: Deutsche Welle-Akademie, The European Journalism Centre and Prospective Internationale.

During the project, selected journalists will work in teams and use their reporting skills to bridge societal gaps in understanding development issues. The project unites 60 young journalists from the EU-12 and African countries to investigate EU development policies and report directly from sub-Saharan Africa. This happens in three rounds, each including 10 European and 10 African journalists. Currently the project is at its third round.


Senior students, graduates or young professionals in journalism and film-making

Citizens of the EU-12 member states-Malta, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria or Romania

Eager to learn more about the realities of sub-Saharan Africa from the ground and report them back to their home country

Availability to invest time and participate in all stages of the programme

Programme stages

Initial training and team building in Brussels for all 20 participants

Research and preparation for reporting-from their home countries, staying connected via the website http://www.east4south.org

Reporting from the field in sub-Saharan Africa-after two to three months of preparation, each team’s project enters production. European journalists fly to the various African countries to join their team mates. Over the course of 10 days, African-European teams convert their ideas and scripts into video pictures, sound bites and texts.

Post-production in Bonn, Germany-after the reporting phase in Africa, E4S journalists meet at the Deutsche Welle Akademie in Germany to finish their media projects. After returning to their home countries, the E4S journalists promote and distribute their final productions through their local, regional and national media.

Deadline for applications: 6 September 2011

Find the application form on: https://ejcnet.wufoo.com/forms/east-4-south-cycle-3/

Find out more on: http://www.east4south.eu/index.php/e4s/

The programme will be added to the database.

Cristian Surubaru


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Tel: +32 2 282 83 84; Fax: +32 2 282 83 90



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