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Call for Partners Partnership Building Activity – Macedonia

Dear all,

we would like to inform you about Patnership Building Activity that we are preparing for 1 September deadline. More information please find below. The project will be apply under action 3.1. and we are planning to involve participants coming from 15 countries in way to support networking and create partnerships for future projects. If the project will be approved it will take place in Struga, Macedonia in April 2012.

If interested please find attach 2 documents – the preliminary agreement please sign it and stamp it and send back jpg or pdf and indentification of partner – please fill it and send back as word document.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Ilona Olehlova
Project Coordinator

PBA: Better Cooperation – Better Europe

The main aim of project with title PBA: Better Cooperation – Better Europe is to bring together organizations working mainly with young people facing social exclusion and stigmatization, young people with fewer opportunities in order to create new ideas for projects that can be develop under YiA Programme and can contribute to change in way to provide young people an opportunity to overcome barriers in the society and become active citizens as to find new ways how to encourage them to take part in NGOs activities and become active as volunteers at local or international level.
At the level of the organizations the main aim of the project is to develop the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capability of youth organization, to create new partnerships, to provide knowledge about possibilities of co-operation across Europe, to develop skills on sustainable project management as to create atmosphere of common understanding between people coming from different backgrounds in way to create projects reflecting needs of young people as ensuring sustainable change.
The project will bring together experts and actors in the field of youth work and provide them an opportunity to take part in different scale of activities as discussions, presentations, field visits in order to foster exchange of skills and experience reflecting issues of social exclusion, stigmatization, active citizenship with goal to increase knowledge, abilities and appreciation for different methods of youth work.
The project will take place in Struga, Macedonia and the proposed dates are from 28. April to 6. May 2012 and it will be organized within Action 3.1. Youth in Action Programme.
If interested to become a partner, please fill in the preliminary agreement with (please sign and stamp it) and send back us jpg or pdf as please fill in the information needed from partner. Both documents please send to email: iolehlova.

preliminary_agreement PBA.doc
identification of partner.doc

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