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Proposal for cooperation 2012- 2013 Youth in Democracy and Youth exchange in Poland 2012 – April

Dear Friends,

We are planning Projects from December 2011 to April 2012

Would you like to join? Those are the Projects:

Youth in Democracy 1.3 – Democracy- possibilities for youth” in start in 2012 -2013 –action for youth – we need from every country two partners. Idea of meetings and seminars in Poland J (PROJECT WILL BE VERY SMIMILAR TO 1.1 AND 4.3 IN SOME PARTS) (urgent tomorrow deadline)

Project 3.1 – youth exchange with Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Macedonia and EU COUNTRIES “Let’s know your neighbours better – let’s know their culture!“ – we need the partners from EU , program countries. (urgent tomorrow deadline)

We need scans of documents and faxes.

We need Part III and declaration from attachement last moment is 31 August.

1. EVS IN 2 EI projects – 2009-PL-59 and 2010-PL-35. EVS for partners who can apply to their National Agency. We can host and send you volunteers.

That you can send us very good candidates for projects 1-12 months. The volunteers that will stay longer than 2 months must speak good English and be responsible and ready to work with schools, teachers, students….

We would like that if it is possible that you apply to your National Agency – project 2011-2012-2013

3. We have polish youngsters that they want to be EVS volunteers and participate in youth exchanges, seminars…

We would like to inform you that we are looking for volunteers and places for EVS volunteers or youth exchanges for this deadline.

Do you need some partner for EVS? – We can send and host.

We also have quite a big number of youngsters who are interested in EVS especially for 1-6 months.

Maybe you organize CMS or another project that we can join in?

My mail adam or mobile 0048608320983.

We would like to host group of EVS volunteers – we are looking for group of the volunteers.

We would like to send groups to you.

Our Projects :

EIRef Country Town Themes Theme2 Organisation Type Approval Date
2009-PL-59 Poland Bystrzyca Klodzka European awareness Urban/Rural development Europejskie Forum Mlodziezy S H C 08/01/2010
2010-PL-35 Poland Klodzko Disability Youth policies Zespol Szkol Integracyjnych im Jana Pawla II H 09/06/2010

All are Project with children or Youth. The projects are very good if somebody want to find some experience in educational, pedagogical institutions.

We are open also for another proposals in youth work youth exchanges, CMS, Partnership meetings and others activities.

Please send any proposals from volunteers who are interested in our projects before the 31th of August 2011.

We have also volunteers that we can send to you, if you have a place.

Best regards

Adam Jasnikowski
Europejskie Forum Mlodziezy
Plac Wolnosci 5/5
57-500 Bystrzyca Klodzka
adam , www.efm.org.pl
tel.+48748110223 tel.fax +48 74 8111 399 mobile 0048608320983

Adam Jaśnikowski
Europejskiego Forum Młodzieży

Plac Wolności 5/5

57-500 Bystrzyca Kłodzka


Tel.mobile 00 48 608320983 tel.fax 0048 74 8111 399

adam www.efm.org.pl

1.3 Young Leaders in Action.doc


3.1 – Agreement.doc


Invitation 3 1 Youth exchange.doc

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