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All about volunteering – Call for participants

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Network Europeo per il volontariato sociale
European Network for social volunteering

Dear friends, we’re happy to spread this call for participants in the frame of an international project InformaGiovani is partner of.


Athens, 26, 27, 28/09/2011
Within the Project
“Volunteering: Action for active citizenship" (VACi)
The project “Volunteering: Action for active citizenship" (VACi)

Ahead of the European Year of Volunteering 2011, European citizens organizations should enhance the methodological knowledge to set-up, develop and materialize European wide volunteer projects integrating intercultural learning and European identity promotion. The aim of such projects, apart from contributing to social, environmental and human needs at a European wide level, they evidently promote volunteering itself, and have a multiplicator effect. In such a way, citizens that participate in such European wide volunteer projects are challenged by the fact that they belong to a European culture together with their local culture which makes them realize that they are part of a wider cultural heritage, the European cultural heritage that respects cultural diversity, human rights, is tolerant, democratic and cosmopolitan.
The project is jointly organized by SCI Hellas (Greece), InformaGiovani (Italy), DeAmiciatia (Spain) and Association Realization (Croatia) with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.
The project comprises of three activities, a conference and two trainings: (a) a Conference under the title "All about volunteering", (b) a training entitled "Project Management: Realizing ideas" and (c) a training entitled "Intercultural learning: Beyond tolerance". The project’s activities will use the non-formal education methodology (active contribution of the participants, games, experience-sharing e.tc.). The participants will act as multipliers concerning the themes of the trainings to their local organizations. The aim of the trainings is to create a ‘one-day introduction training’ including a ‘tool-kit’ both in print and electronic format on project management and intercultural learning. The principal contribution of this project to the European dimension is the development of a common methodological approach for Citizens Organisations necessary for the success of the events foreseen for the forthcoming European Volunteering Year 2011 all over Europe.

Who is SCI Hellas

Kinisi Ethelonton Service Civil International Hellas (SCI-Hellas), (www.sci.gr / www.sciint.org ) is a nongovernmental organization based in Athens. It’s the Greek branch of Service Civil International, an international voluntary movement that aims to promote peace, solidarity and intercultural understanding through organizing international volunteer projects, campaigns and seminars. Through its actions, SCI tries to enhance the peaceful cooperation of people from different cultural and social backgrounds as well as to encourage the direct participation of citizens in the solution of social problems. It is founder member of the Greek Antipoverty Network. Main Activities of SCI include: 1. international workcamps in Greece, 2. send Greek volunteers to workcamps in other countries, 3. host and send volunteers in the frame of EVS, 4. coordinates hosting EVS projects, 5. raise awareness activities for the promoting volunteering 6. Close cooperation with organisations from Mediterranean countries who are the partners

Project partners are:

InformaGiovani (Italy) http://www.informa-giovani.org or http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20365838/curriculum_IG_eng.pdf
DeAmiciatia (Spain) http://www.deamicitia.org
Association Realization (Croatia)

The venue

Nea Makri, small town in Attiki, near Athens (http://www.greekhotel.com/sterea/attica/nea-makri/beach/home.htm )
The participants will be hosted in the summer village of the Municipality of Marathon.

How to apply

Interested participants must apply by means of filling the application form (info
The Conference “All About Volunteering”
The Conference’s aim is to provide an introduction to the challenges and opportunities volunteering faces in the 21st century, coming from a tradition of charity to being considered as a considerable economical factor. The Conference will focus on the issues of volunteering and employment and the role of volunteering in inclusion. Volunteering will be approached from both a theoretical and a practical dimension as both speeches on different aspects of volunteering and visits to volunteering projects are scheduled in addition to sharing of volunteers’ own
experiences. A presentation of the funding tools for volunteering at an EU level is also foreseen.
For a detailed schedule please find attached the draft programme

Participants’ profile

– Participants must be over 18 years old
– from 27 European Member Countries or FYRO Macedonia, Croatia, Albania
– able to interact in English
– interested in an initiation of their knowledge and skills in the field of volunteering, from theoretical background to practical project realization and running of volunteer projects.
– preferably active in civil society organizations or keen in being involved actively in volunteering as coordinators of relevant projects

Financial conditions

– Our organization covers the following costs: insurance, food and lodging, travel cost (this last in a percentage between 70% and 80% – the final percentage to be known when the total tickets cost is known) – travel cost reimbursement will be done, by bank transfer, once travel back documents (tickets, boarding passes, etc) will be received in SCI Hellas office correctly and before the established deadline
– A small participation fee of 10 Euros is required

How to apply

Interested participants must apply by means of filling the application form (info
You will get a confirmation by e-mail and a deadline to send also your booking, (Plane, Train, Bus) which will constitute your confirmation.

For further information you can read the Conference programme (info

Looking forward to receive your applications!

L’Associazione InformaGiovani è riconosciuta dalla Commissione Europea come Network informale nell’ambito dell’azione 4.1 del Programma "Gioventù in Azione"
InformaGiovani is recognized by the European Commission as Informal Network in the frame of action 4.1 of Youth in Action Programme.
Nor European commission, nor its Agencies are responsible for the content of the present newsletter or announcement
Né la Commissione Europea né le le sue Agenzie sono responsabili del contenuto di questo messaggio.

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