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Grundtvig workshop in Spain

Dear all,

This email is to remind you some important aspects and to clarify some points in which many of you have doubts even if you´d already submitted your application form for our Grundtvig workshop "WEB 2.U: Developing women´s skills for the future labour market fully funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme with no cost to you.

Remember that you have to send your application form before the 30th of September. You have to send by post mail the registration form to us, your National Agency and ours.

Attached to this email you´ll find all the information about our workshop. Read the leaflet and then fill the registration form if you hadn´t done it before. Print it, don´t forget to sign it and send it by post mail.
Please, don´t forget to include your motivation letter (it´s the only way we have to know something more about you! )and send a copy of the registration form to your National Agency and to the Spanish National Agency (You´ll find a link to the addresses in the registration form.) There´s no need to send the motivation letter to the national agencies.

We remind you our postmail address:

Magenta Consultoría de Género y Mediación Social e Intercultural
C/ Perú, nº13, 6ºL
33213 Gijón
Principado de Asturias

We ask you also to send your application form to us by e-mail, just in case there´s any problem with the postmail. This way we are sure to receive all your application forms.

Some of you have noticed a mistake in the Grundtvig workshop catalogue, as it was published that our workshop will be held from the 23rd to the 27th of February 2012. The correct dates are from the 23rd to the 27th of January 2012. Please, take good note of this and check your availability for these dates in case you didn´t realise.

Some of you have used other forms, we ask you to use the form we have already sent you. In any case, you have it attached again to this email as well as the leaflet.
We´d like also to remind you that this workshop is fully funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme. This means that all your expenses will be covered by the programme. If you´re finnally accepted as a participant we´ll arrange your travel, accommodation and maintenance.

If you know someone that may be interested in taking part, feel free to disseminate this email among your contacts.

We´ve just created a Facebook page. If you want to receive information about our future projects you can follow us on Facebook, as we are also developing another project, called SOPHIE that is very connected with this workshop and you´d may like to take part in it in the near future. We´ll keep you updated about our future events and activities.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

Leticia Vega García
Departamento de Proyectos
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Skype: magenta.projects



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