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Dear friends,
We are heritor of Adventurer Peace Pigeons Organisation..Our organisation’s name is Zift United Project Organisations…(ZUPO)..We are bridge between organisators and partners…We find partners, and when the projects are approved, if the organisator wants our help, we send them some members, teams, leaders or educators to the projects…We work with 20 organisations from Turkey…And now i am sending their project infos…Every project belong to different organisations..So, you can apply for all of them..For this you will contact with us..(ziftorganisation@gmail.com)..After it, we give your applications to organisators and if some of them choose you, you ll be partner with them…If you apply for five projects, it doesn’t means you are partners for five projects..One organisator will accept and maybe other one will choose another organisation…So, it doesnt depends on us…We just make connection between you and organisators..If you want to join the projects, send your part3s to ziftorganisation@gmail.com In first week of October , organisators will learn which projects are approved and which ones are rejected..If the project is approved, and if you are partner for it , they will notify you after first week of november… Take care of you…
Bride of Chucky.doc
Change Exchange office.doc
Democracy and Other Management Methods.doc
Diabled Mins.doc
Hot Earth.doc
Human Heart.doc
Mevlana Equals Another World.doc
The ceremony of military duty.doc
The Importance of Woman in The World.doc
The music of Religions.doc
The Sense of Woman.doc
The World s Dying.doc
Unknown Thing.doc

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