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Intercultural calendar 2012 is out

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Network Europeo per il volontariato sociale
European Network for social volunteering

Dear friends we’re happy to inform you that the 2012 version of the INTERCULTURAL PEACE CALENDAR (with information on holidays of several different religions and information on days related to peace and human righths is available.

You can download FOR FREE the calendar January-June in pdf or in word format to customize it.

Have a look at http://www.peace-calendar.org

In case you want receive paper version of the calendar, we only require you to pay postal expenses.

Here you have a low resolution version of the 1st month.Calendar_january.jpg

L’Associazione InformaGiovani è riconosciuta dalla Commissione Europea come Network informale nell’ambito dell’azione 4.1 del Programma "Gioventù in Azione"
InformaGiovani is recognized by the European Commission as Informal Network in the frame of action 4.1 of Youth in Action Programme.
Nor European commission, nor its Agencies are responsible for the content of the present newsletter or announcement
Né la Commissione Europea né le le sue Agenzie sono responsabili del contenuto di questo messaggio.

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