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Moving within Europe – Which country is responsible for your social security rights?



Labour demand in Europe continues to grow except for the public sector

According to the October edition of the , job offers and hiring have shown an increase (19 % for vacancies, 24 % for job finders and 12 % for public employment services vacancies) in the first quarter of 2011 compared to the same quarter in 2010.


New EU Programme for Social Change and Innovation


Commission lays foundations to boost impact of cohesion investments after 2013


New microcredit provider in Romania under Progress Microfinance


€35 million from EU Globalisation Fund to help nearly 6,000 construction workers in Ireland


BlobServlet?mode=displayPicture&photoId=600312/10/2011 – 12/10/2011

Stakeholder Seminar: The Future of Families

Organised in the frame of the , the seminar will discuss how EU societies are doing with the rise in family form diversity and the overall delay in family formation.

12/10/2011 – 12/10/2011

Youth@Work at the European Days of Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Young People

11/10/2011 – 11/10/2011

EURES Student Days – The Netherlands

05/12/2011 – 06/12/2011

High-level conference on Inequalities in Europe and the future of the welfare state

14/11/2011 – 14/11/2011

High-level stakeholder conference on Flexicurity

07/11/2011 – 07/11/2011

Thematic Review Seminar: Unemployment benefits in times of crisis: their role as automatic stabilisers

01/11/2011 – 03/11/2011

International Conference ‘Ageing Globally – Ageing Locally’

26/10/2011 – 26/10/2011

European Job Day in Limassol

26/10/2011 – 26/10/2011

European Job Day in Malmö, Sweden

24/10/2011 – 24/10/2011

European Job Day in Nicosia, Cyprus

22/10/2011 – 22/10/0201

European Job Day in Aveiro, Portugal

19/10/2011 – 19/10/2011

European Job Days – Slovenia

17/10/2011 – 18/10/2011

First Annual Convention of the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion

15/10/2011 – 15/10/2011

European Job Days – Italy

12/10/2011 – 12/10/2011

Cross-border EURES Student Days in Maastricht, The Netherlands

07/10/2011 – 07/10/2011

European Job Day – Hungary

06/10/2011 – 06/10/2011

Youth@Work Roundtable – SMEs: Youth opportunities



Social Dialogue – helping Europe through crisis

According to a recently published report, employers, workers and governments used Social Dialogue to develop flexible solutions that saved jobs during the economic crisis.


Meeting the challenge of an ageing Europe


New Framework set to boost Roma inclusion

Current calls for tenders


Study on Mobility, Migration and Destitution in the European Union

Notice: This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on to the tenders/grants webpages or the Tenders Electronic Daily database

Open calls for proposals


Budget heading "Information, Consultation and Participation of Representatives of Undertakings"


Preparatory action "Your first EURES job"


Call for proposals for social experimentations – Progress 2011


Pilot Project : All-Inclusive Cooperation between Public Authorities, Commercial Firms and Social Enterprises for Social Inclusion and Integration into the Labour Market

Notice: This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on to the tenders/grants webpages or the Tenders Electronic Daily database

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