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Agenda for new skills and jobs



Consulting European social partners: Understanding how it works




Social partners agree to negotiate on EU Working Time rules


Report shows overall positive impact of mobility of Bulgarian and Romanian workers on EU economy


21% of the part-time employed in the EU would like to work more hours


New study on labour mobility within the EU, the impact of enlargement and the functioning of the transitional arrangements


Monthly Labour Market Fact Sheet – November 2011


BlobServlet?mode=displayPicture&photoId=614328/11/2011 – 28/11/2011

Ageing in Dignity: Designing effective strategies for tackling elder abuse

The purpose of the conference will be to take stock of the achievements of recent EU projects related to elder abuse and to exchange views about what needs and could be done at national and European level to protect the dignity and well-being of older people.

24/11/2011 – 25/11/2011

Conference: 20 years of the Social Partners’ Agreement

17/11/2011 – 18/11/2011

Conference on ‘Youth and Social Inclusion’

13/08/2012 – 17/08/2012

Celebrating diversity: The 8th World Congress on Active Ageing

05/12/2011 – 06/12/2011

High-level conference on Inequalities in Europe and the future of the welfare state

05/12/2011 – 06/12/2011

Restructuring Forum: Socially responsible restructuring worlwide

14/11/2011 – 14/11/2011

Where do we go with Flexicurity? Share your views

11/11/2011 – 11/11/2011

Youth@Work at the Riga European Job Days

09/11/2011 – 09/11/2011

Youth@Work at the Manchester European Job Days



Social Dialogue – helping Europe through crisis

According to a recently published report, employers, workers and governments used Social Dialogue to develop flexible solutions that saved jobs during the economic crisis.


Meeting the challenge of an ageing Europe


New Framework set to boost Roma inclusion

Current calls for tenders


Study contract "Analysis- in the light of the European Union acquis – of the ILO Conventions that have been classified by the International Labour Organization as up to date"

Notice: This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on to the tenders/grants webpages or the Tenders Electronic Daily database

Open calls for proposals


Budget heading "Information, Consultation and Participation of Representatives of Undertakings"


Call for proposals for social experimentations – Progress 2011


Pilot Project : All-Inclusive Cooperation between Public Authorities, Commercial Firms and Social Enterprises for Social Inclusion and Integration into the Labour Market

Notice: This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on to the tenders/grants webpages or the Tenders Electronic Daily database

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