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] new vacancy

Kiplombe Hill Conservation Project

Description: Tropics International Volunteering Servcices, is a non-profit making youth led Organization based in Kenya-Africa. WE work with community based projects at national level, and we have over fifty commu…

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowVacancy.aspx?Vacancy=kiplombe-hill-conservation-project

looking for a volunteer ready for action

Description: We would like to invite one volunteer for a period of 10 months to join us in proving that science can be fun. Our field of work will be realization of cultural-educational projects (workshops, intera…

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowVacancy.aspx?Vacancy=looking-for-a-volunteer-ready-for-action

U Cant Buy A Person

Description: U Can’t Buy A Person – the aims of the youth Exchange , to make an awarness to community about types of human trafficking. Especially child labour and sex slavery. This Project will show human traffic…

Check online for more details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowEvent.aspx?Event=u-cant-buy-a-person

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