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Moving within Europe – How does moving affect my right to unemployment benefits?



Youth: Employment and Inclusion in times of crisis

On 26-27 April, the Danish Presidency held a Conference on “Youth: Employment and Inclusion in times of crisis”, which, building upon the Commission’s “Youth Opportunities Initiative”, focused on the following topics: access to the labour market, social inclusion and maintaining skills at a time of crisis.


Higher skills provide growing job opportunities as general labour demand slows down


Commission launches ‘Your First EURES job’ pilot project to help young people find jobs


Meeting the coach! – Launch of the Generations@school Project in Greece


Peer Review in Riga on

… more news


BlobServlet?mode=displayPicture&photoId=660222/05/2012 – 22/05/2012

European Housing Forum conference: "Demographic Change & Housing Wealth"

Brussels – May 22nd 2012

22/05/2012 – 22/05/2012

Conference: ‘Solidarity of generations. Designing together the fullness of life’

23/05/2012 – 23/05/2012

ESIP European Conference 2012

23/05/2012 – 23/05/2012

Styrian generations conference "Young. Old.Together"

24/05/2012 – 24/05/2012

Launch of the new Standards of Qualifications for Active Ageing Trainer

… more events



New programme paves the way for innovative thinking

The European Commission has put forward a proposal to develop a new instrument – the Programme for Social Change and Innovation (PSCI) – which will support employment and social policies throughout the EU.


Helping young people fulfil their potential


Social Dialogue – helping Europe through crisis

Open calls for proposals


Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue


Information, consultation and participation of representatives of undertakings, Budget heading


Actions for Cooperation and Information on Social Security Coordination


Reinforce learning networks for a more effective implementation of transnational actions under the ESF 2007-2013

Notice: This selection is not exhaustive. For a complete list of current calls for tenders please log on to the tenders/grants webpages or the Tenders Electronic Daily database

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