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23-28 July 2012: Summer Seminar in Vama Veche, Romania DL:15.06

Good morning !

We would like to bring to your attention that the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies (LIEIS), the Black Sea University Foundation and the European Cultural Centre in Bucharest will soon organize an International Summer School in Romania, on the Black Sea coast.

This year’s seminar, an 18th edition taking place in Romania under the aegis of LIEIS, is called „The rise, decline and – demise ? revival? of Europe“ and will be held at Vama Veche, a youth holiday village at about 50 km south of Constantza, between 23 – 28 July 2012 (flyer and poster attached).

The ambition of the 2012 seminar is to find out whether Europe can regain its former position at the forefront of history, whether its steady decline, accelerated by the two world wars, by the unrivaled primacy of the US in the second half of the 20th century, and by the rapid advances of countries like China today (to name but a few causes), can be slowed down, halted or even inverted. A thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of present-day Europe will show whether her revitalization is conceivable and feasible.

The main speakers invited at the seminar are academics from the London School of Economics, the Romanian Academy, Trier University in Germany and the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies.

This year, as in the past, it is expected that participants come from both eastern and western Europe, undergraduates in their terminal years, MA and PhD students, young researchers in political sciences, European studies, international relations, history, philosophy, law, sociology, anthropology etc. Selected participants will be offered partial scholarships by the Institute for European and International Studies in Luxembourg (leaflet with detailed information and application form can be found also on http://www.ieis.lu).

Inquiries and applications will be directed to Mrs Maria Burs Popescu, Executive Director, European Cultural Centre, Bucharest, e-mail: cti@clicknet.ro

We would be grateful if you could kindly publicize the course among those potentially interested to participate and play an active part in the seminar’s debates.

As mentioned in the flyer, there is a participation fee of 335 Euro that includes the costs of lodging and half-board at Vama Veche, as well as the course support. To this amount, those interested to participate should add their international and local transportation costs, as well as the counter value of lunch for 5 days . On the other hand, a limited number of partial scholarships to cover mainly for lodging (in twin bed rooms), breakfast, dinner and course support will be offered by LIEIS. Undergraduate, MA or PhD students seeking for a scholarship are requested to send either by e-mail or post a CV, a Letter of Intention, and a two page Essay on one of the seminar’s main topics (under Main Topics on the leaflet) to the European Cultural Centre in Bucharest (cti@clicknet.ro), by 15 June.

Hoping we may benefit from your kind support in this endeavour, and looking forward to receiving applications from all over Europe,

With advanced thanks and best wishes,

Dr. Armand Clesse
Director, Institute for European and International Studies in Luxembourg http://www.ieis.lu

leaflet Vama Veche 2012-.doc
posterA4, Clesse 2012, Vama Veche.doc
Comunicat presa, Clesse 2012.doc

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