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EY2012 – voluntary work for elderly people

Hello Everybody,

in the framework of this years’ European Year 2012 „Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations“ we are planning to host a „senior conference“. The conference will be divided into serveral workshops. One of these workshops so going to deal with volunteering possibilities for elderly people in our city (local and regional area) as well as voluntary work especially for older people (50+) in Europe and worldwide. We want to raise awareness among senior citizens about mobility chances in Europe with the focus on voluntary work.

Right now we are researching all kinds of volunteering possibilities in other countries. I would be very grateful if you could provide us with some information/websites/contacts about your countries.
Do you know of any organisation in your region/cities/countries which offer such voluntary work for seniors? Maybe there are special programmes in your areas which support senior volunteering and exhcnage of senior volunteers and ongoing projects? We are thinking of short term EVS, workcamps, and so on in the fields of environment, caring for elderly, youth, children, culture and arts…Volunteering possibilities where seniors and youth work together are also very interesting for our conference. So if you have some information about similar project, please let us know.

I appreciate any information that’s helpful.

Hope to hear from you!

Best regards
Nicole Tappert

Leiterin Europe Direct Informationszentrum

Europa-Haus Leipzig e.V.
Markt 10
04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 (0)341 999 94 86
Fax: +49 (0)341 960 14 90
Mail: tappert@europa-haus-leipzig.de
Website: http://www.europa-haus-leipzig.de
Twitter: http://www.twitter.de/EDLeipzig

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